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Griffin Industries

Griffin Industries : A step towards Development !


By taking the inspiration from The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, Of Make In India Campaign, Griffin Industries also support the move to Make In India and welcomes all.
Red Fort, New Delhi, August 15 the first time he uttered the words “Make in India”
After a long, long time anyone much less a Prime Minister of this country put it so profoundly yet bluntly that we need to manufacture if we are to progress. With a 130 crore plus (1.3 billion plus) population, it does not need much to understand that it is manufacturing that shall provide the much-needed employment and purchasing power which for decades has evaded this country and kept her shacked to poverty.
Once the ball is set rolling, there is no reason why this country given its resources such as raw materials, minerals besides trained, English-speaking manpower and relative industrial and economic peace, cannot prosper…except the one resource which almost all industries need and which is scarce to find. Land Unencumbered, continuous parcels of land as far as the eye can see so that you set up plants, factories and warehouses besides obviously houses, schools, offices and malls
It is here that Griffin Industries steps in to provide its expertise and experience in the service of the nation.  Procuring large parcels of unencumbered continuous lands in the range of 1000 acres at competitive prices while maintaining utmost transparency is our forte which is the result of perseverance in mapping our clients’ requirements besides having the right resources which guarantees land acquisition with due diligence in complying with existing legal issues and requirements.

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