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SHEESHA is an open sky sanctuary restaurant serving an authentic North Indian Cuisine. At SHEESHA we offer you an environment which we hope will create a distinctive dining experience while you explore the finest traditional North Indian Cuisine. This heavenly low seating is paired with a refreshing dining experience. Our menu is filled with exquisite and carefully selected dishes which are subtle yet daring. We are the first restaurant in Mumbai to utilize a history remembers the Nawabs of Awadh for their love of music, dance, of epicurean delights and of grand gestures, We also adopt the unique Tandoori style of cooking, which uses coal stones, bringing out the most exquisite flavors in all our grilled dishes. In a circus of burgeoning new restaurants in the city, experimenting and innovating to keep up with the race, SHEESHA is unmentionably here to stay, with its secret hideout rooftop location since years for unwinding under the stars for drinks and its diligently honest tastes in food. Internationally acclaimed, EX-ITC Chef Kader Khan founding partner of sheesha all the way from Lucknow brings you the different taste of flame whose experience has crossed a silver jubilee in making 386 different kinds of only kebabs.

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