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Kapila Garden Restaurant

The cozy huts, private dining space for get togethers, open air restaurant and bar, Kapila Garden Restaurant is your best bet to beat the madness of the city. And, unlike other restaurants of its genre, Kapila Garden Restaurant is located in the heart of the city, easily accessible and sparing you the trouble of wasting your time behind the wheel.

The huts, built with earth materials, are an expression of the peace and abandonment of the countryside. Housing as many as six people comfortably, they guarantee you an evening of uninterrupted bonding with friends and family. For those who don’t wish to tuck away into this coziness, there is a beautifully designed space, surrounded by lush greenery, to spend your evening in the company of friends and some sporting icons, on a huge screen. A wide range of cuisine to choose from and efficient service are the icing on the cake.

153,Kapila Garden Restaurant,
Dhole Patil Road, Maharashtra, Pune 1.
Contact: 020 26166435

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