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The O Kapila Presenting Yacht

“Ciao Bella” ranges from the iconic Fair line Squadron platform of yacht manufacturers representing visually striking design, state of the art technology and high end customization. Ciao Bella ‘big boat’ luxury is enhanced by the extra-large y bridge, the walk-around side decks – and the unusual ‘openness’ of the cockpit. These allow easy access on either side of the cockpit seating which converts – cleverly and easily – into a unique, rear-facing lounger. The boat is loaded with technology ranging from GPS with night navigation, extended y bridge with its own barbecue counter, private butler service, handcrafted meals and a separate ice maker perfect for a hot sunny outing on the sea and teak wooden oaring positions the boat as an up-market oaring, special handcrafted carpets and white leather furnishings in the interior add a touch of warmth

The most fascinating customization is in the master cabin, which is fitted out with a panoramic sun roof perfect for a romantic star gazing night.

Fairline Squadron 42′
Specification Sheet
Length: 42 feet 5 inches
Number of berths: 4 – 6
Capacity: 15 to 20 people

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